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C-MAP CM-93 Viewer for ArcGIS

C-MAP CM-93 Viewer for ArcGIS provides ArcGIS users the ability to load C-MAP CM-93/3 electronic nautical charts as a background layer to any ArcMap display. C-MAP CM-93 Viewer now provides users of the world’s most popular GIS program – ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop software – access to the most complete, worldwide, vector-based, nautical chart data available.

The benefit of this is that navigational chart quality data is now available for ArcGIS, making it a true Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), while maintaining the georeferencing and layering capabilities of a GIS.

C-MAP CM-93 Viewer is particularly valuable to all marine-GIS users and anyone else wanting nautical chart data. Furthermore, this tool is fully compatible with Cable Analyst, Fugro Pelagos' GIS-based planning, data management and data archival tool for the submarine cable industry.

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C-MAP CM-93 Database


The CM-93 database is intended for use on advanced electronic charting and navigation systems. It has been developed specifically to meet international electronic charting standards. The database is S57/3 compliant and designed specifically for Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS), which satisfy International Maritime Organization performance standards.

The database is seamless and where applicable, charts have been converted to a common datum (WGS84). The database incorporates the standard S57 object catalog of 205 objects and 12 catalogs. Since the database is generated from paper charts, every chart cell is referenced to the original chart.

The worldwide chart database is available on an annual subscription basis supplied on a single CD-ROM. Alternatively, it can be purchased outright, without annual updates. It is divided into nine overlapping zones, with each zone also divided into a number of areas. The database can be purchased in its entirety, by zone or by area.

The C-MAP chart database is continuously updated based on official “Notice to Mariners” publications. In addition, new charts are incorporated in the database on a priority list, which reflects specific requests from users and manufacturers. Updated CDs are produced and distributed to annual subscribers three times per year, while hourly updates can be downloaded at any time via an Internet or RAS connection.



Primary Applications
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>> Coastal zone management
>> Offshore engineering
>> Fleet management
>> Route planning
>> Environmental monitoring
>> Survey planning

Marine construction

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