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Fugro Pelagos is a partner in the California Coast State Waters Mapping Project.

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View press release (PDF).


View a seabed image of the HMCS Yukon

View a seabed image of the HMCS Yukon

Welcome to Fugro Pelagos

Specializing in offshore survey services, Fugro Pelagos provides innovative solutions that redefine the manner and quality in which the seafloor can be mapped and displayed. They integrate and enhance advanced technologies, such as multibeam bathymetry, multibeam backscatter "snippets" imagery, Lidar bathymetry and GIS. Fugro Pelagos takes pride in their ability to provide you the personalized attention, innovation and rapid response of a small company while drawing on the resources of their worldwide offices.

Fugro Pelagos is the only survey company in the world to offer Airborne Lidar Bathymetry services based on the latest generation technology available today. Not only can Fugro acquire bathymetric data below the water line, but the SHOALS-1000T also allows the company to produce seabed imagery, topographic elevations above the water line and digital imagery of the land and of the land / water interface.

Get more details on Fugro's Airborne Lidar Bathymetry services here.


Friends of NOAA (supporters, stakeholders and partners) website: www.friendsofnoaa.org


Fugro Pelagos on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°, explaining the use of sonar technology for seafloor mapping as it relates to locating the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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