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Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) Offshore Seismic Reflection Geophysical Surveys

Fugro Pelagos offers cutting edge ultra-high resolution geophysical surveys for critical site investigations and studies of geohazards affecting them.  Fugro Pelagos continues to successfully use the GeoEel 2-D and/or P-Cable 3-D seismic reflection systems in support of critical infrastructure projects globally.  These systems utilize digital multi-channel, low-noise streamer technology for unparalleled data quality and fidelity.  Engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers are equipped with the best possible data to assess the subsurface conditions affecting their projects.  Each streamer is only 40 mm in diameter and often only 50 to 100 meters in length.  The compact nature of these systems makes them far more cost-effective for shipment, installation, and navigation of vessels.  We can also use the smaller Chirp seismic systems for very small/shallow site studies, such as riverine locations or ports/harbors.

From the identification and characterization of offshore faults, channel deepening planning, or site/route investigations for marine construction, our 2-D and 3-D geophysical surveys have proven to be of immense value to our clients on projects around the world.


Fugro Pelagos conducts seafloor surveying & mapping, underwater sonar inspection, and ocean environmental data acquisition for coastal, beach, nearshore and offshore projects. We support these projects in their site investigation, engineering feasibility / design / rehabilitation, environmental planning & permitting phases all the way to positioning during construction.  

Fugro Pelagos' expertise in coastal zone mapping extends from project consultation and project management to data acquisition, analysis and interpretation, as well as data integration.  

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