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Cable Planning and Modeling Software System

Fugro Pelagos, Inc. has provided software and services to the submarine cable installation industry for over fifteen years. The company has built an impressive resume as the prime survey contractor on a wide range of sophisticated projects for both commercial and military clients.

The Fugro Pelagos cable planning and modeling software system, consisting of the WinFrog Cable Management Extension Module in conjunction with the Cable Route Design Database (CRDD), enables modeling and monitoring of submarine cables during cable lay operations. Additionally, Fugro Pelagos' experienced in-house development staff can provide custom solutions to complex underwater positioning and modeling problems.

>> Cable burial
>> Cable lay
>> Cable repair
>> Pre-lay grapnel runs
>> Post-lay inspection
>> Post-lay burial operations
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CRDD Features
>> Imports external RPLs (Route Position Lists)
>> Imports route profile
>> Creates sectionalized route profile
>> Creates 3-D RPLs
>> Defines cable properties
>> Helps plan slack allocation, cable body locations and cable event locations

WinFrog Cable Management Extention Module Features
>> Uses an RPL created from CRDD with design slack, locations of cable bodies and other cable events
>> Provides finite element analysis
>> Maintains real-time slack calculation and specifies required cable engine speed to accomplish desired slack
>> Continuously compares actual lay progress to design
>> Integrates with Dynamic Positioning Systems
>> Integrates with Cable Drums and Engines
>> Displays and logs Plough, ROV, Tractor, Grapnel, Remote Vehicle, and Cable Touchdown positions
>> Offers separate Helmsman Window displaying vehicle attitude and cross track error
>> Displays design route versus as-laid route
>> Supports Remote Terminals via Ethernet
>> Logs data compatible with Ribbit Cable and Pipeline for creation of plan and profile displays of as-laid data

System Benefits
>> Graphical real-time profile position of the cable in the water column
>> Prediction of cable touch down
>> Integration with cable systems and sensors
>> Visualization of cable dynamics
>> Real-time monitoring of all cable-related information at one location
>> Real-time slack management
>> Full suite of navigation tools
>> All the benefits of industry-accepted WinFrog software

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